Few careers give you the ability to earn a high income and set your own hours. However, none of these careers is more lucrative or flexible than a career in real estate. Those that successfully obtain their California real estate license can earn over six figures a year!

The field of real estate is all-encompassing and does not just include the selling of homes. A career in real estate also includes:

  • Corporate Real Estate
  • Real Estate Development
  • Property Law
  • Real Estate Escrow Specialists
  • Real Estate Loan Specialists
  • Commercial Leasing Manager
  • Property Manager

It’s easy to apply your passion and skills to any area of real estate. However, satisfying the specific state requirements to obtain your real estate license for any position in this field will require a few prerequisites. These prerequisites are mandatory and can be completed on your own or through an agency.

Getting Started

There are particular guidelines to obtaining a real estate license to buy or sell a property.

In addition to passing a CA real estate exam, those wanting to get their certification will also need to:

  • Complete a minimum of 135 hours of training
  • Pay any necessary fees and due
  • Register with the California Department of Real Estate

Depending on the area of real estate that you want to enter, there may be more extensive requirements you’ll be required to meet. Most of these prerequisites can be started and completed online.

Continued Learning

California real estate license

Realtors who already have their licenses but want to advance within the industry can enroll in additional courses to certify their knowledge and skills. These other certifications can make realtors more appealing to agencies – and more importantly, higher-paying jobs – that need highly skilled and talented real estate agents to handle every aspect of a sale or buy.